Performance Therapy Sessions


Used in conjunction  with your performance training to help optimize your movement, maximize your performance, and decrease your risk for injury. Lacking normal, fundamental movement not only increases a person’s risk for injury, but also stunts the progress an athlete can make in their performance training. Are you an athlete looking surpass your competition and take you athletic performance to the next level? EPI Performance Therapy can help you get there. Our goal is to make you the BEST athlete you can be.


Elite Movement Assessment

  • Comprehensive assessment of functional movement patterns to determine if dysfunctional movement is present
  • Further breakdown of dysfunctional movement patterns to determine the cause, or source, of the dysfunction (i.e. mobility, strength, motor control)

Hands on, manual therapy techniques

  • Joint mobilizations/manipulations, soft tissue mobilization, myofascial mobilization, manual stretching performed by a physical therapist to optimize your movement and get your body feeling it's best. Muscles and joints that FEEL better; MOVE better and PERFORM better

Corrective Exercise/Strategies

  • Exercises to correct movement dysfunction and minimize overuse stress to body tissue as a result of impaired mobility, strength, balance, and/or coordination

Performance Training

  • All of the above are used in conjunction with performance training programs when appropriate. We want all of our athletes to have a solid foundation of movement and coordination to allow them to be more successful in their performance training.