06/12/17 - 08/19/17

  • 8 week Lacrosse Specific Performance Program - Every sport has physical demands unique to that sport. Sports specific performance programs ensure you are training the right movements to meet those demands. It is the most efficient and effective way to train. Each athlete will receive 3 training sessions/week with our performance coach. They will be provided with a detailed plan for the other days of the week. The dates actually spread over 10 weeks to accommodate for the fact that most people may take a vacation at some point during the summer. The program will run the entire 10 weeks, so if you don't take a vacation you get some extra training for free!!
  • Comprehensive Full Body Movement Assessment - The most effective training programs are based on a full body assessment and designed to address your specific needs as an individual.
  • Individualized Sports Specific Training Programs - Each athlete will receive an individualized performance training program based on the results of their assessment and sport. Generic group programs often miss valuable pieces that can make all the difference. Having an individualized performance training program will help address your specific training needs, goals, and take your performance to the next level.
  • Hands-On Performance Therapy - Each athlete will receive 1 15-20 minute hands-on treatment session from our sports physical therapist each week. As athletes, we put our bodies under a lot of stress. That stress can create muscular and joint imbalances, mobility deficits, limit our ability to perform at the highest level (both in the gym and on the field), and over time can increase your risk for athletic injury. The treatment sessions will focus on soft tissue mobilization/massage, joint mobilization, manual stretching, etc to correct these imbalances that lead to injury and stunt your performance. Our philosophy is, muscles and joints that move better; feel better and perform better.
  • Nutritional Counseling - Nutrition is an often overlooked, or underappreciated, piece of athletic performance. Arguably, it could be one of the largest pieces. In order to train harder and perform at your best, you must give your body the proper fuel. You wouldn’t put motor oil in your gas tank and expect your car to get you where you need to go, so why would we treat our bodies any different. Providing our bodies with the appropriate fuel can make all the difference in taking your athletic performance to the next level. Each athlete will complete a food log. The food log will be reviewed and discussed with the athlete, as well as parents if desired. Individualized nutritional recommendations will be provided based on each athlete’s training/performance goals, training intensity/demands, practice/game intensity.
  • Team Atmosphere - At EPI, we understand the positive effects of training in a group setting, including team building opportunity, friendly competition, encouragement and motivation from teammates or training partners. However we also understand that large groups do not provide an optimal training environment due to lack of supervision and attention to detail. Picking the right exercise is only half the battle. The most important piece is that the RIGHT exercise is performed CORRECTLY. Our policy at EPI is we do not train more than 4 athletes at one time. We feel each athlete needs and deserves personal attention to maximize the benefit from each session. This allows us to train each movement/exercise with an “attention to detail” that is unmatched in this area.