Most Effective Way to Train for Baseball Players...stop running and start lifting!!

Baseball is an explosive game and needs to be trained that way. Way too often I see coaches making their players run long distances to “get in shape”, but what are they getting in shape for? Don’t get me wrong, running is great…I love it, but “in shape” for baseball has a completely different meaning that doesn’t include the ability to run for 20 minutes at a time. Unless you DH and drop bombs EVERY at bat, you probably aren’t jogging many places on the baseball field. As a fielder, you don’t see the ball hit the bat and take off on a 10 minute jog to chase it down. As a hitter, you don’t hit one in the right-center gap and think “Man I wish I could work my mile time down to 6 minutes!” NO…you EXPLODE out of the box looking for 2, or even 3 for some of us. You EXPLODE laterally, forward, or back to track down the ball and make the play. As a pitcher, you EXPLODE off your back foot, down the mound toward the plate to pump that 93mph fastball by the hitter! Then you take a break. It’s less than 2 seconds of work and 20 seconds of rest depending on game situation. As a position player you may full out sprint up to 180 ft for a double (depending on your age and bases). Some of us will sprint up to 270ft on occasion for a triple or scoring from 1st on a gapper, but then you get a break. HOW IS RUNNING POLES OR LONG DISTANCES GOING TO HELP WITH THIS??? Your body adapts to the demands you put it through. If you consistently train slow, then when it comes time to perform you will perform slow. We need to get our baseball guys training EXPLOSIVELY with movements like sprinting, medicine ball throws, jumping, and pushing/pulling/lifting/carrying heavy things! (definition of heavy is relative to the person, never sacrifice form or technique to lift heavier).   With the proper training, your body will adapt to the demands of the sport and then you UNLEASH THE BEAST on the field!! Training the right way is now more important than ever. Guys are throwing harder, hitting for more power, and showcasing their speed on the bases like never before. To keep up with that standard, you have to be explosive. AND there is only one way to do that, TRAIN EXPLOSIVELY!