THE BEST WEIGHTED BALL PROGRAM to make you throw harder!!

As a guy that works with baseball and softball players a lot throughout the year I get questions like these quite frequently.

“What is the best weighted ball program to make me throw harder”

“Which weighted ball program do you recommend?”

“Do you think I should start a weighted ball program?”

“I have been doing a weighted ball program, but I’m not seeing the results I want. What else should I be doing?”

The answer to these questions is…most people are picking up the WRONG weighted ball. The best weighted ball you can use to help you throw gas is a…wait for it…MEDICINE BALL!!! But you don’t throw it overhand, oh no, you use it to develop explosiveness from your lower half and core. Training explosive movements with medicine balls in conjunction with lifting heavy weight (definition of heavy is relative to the person, never sacrifice form or technique to lift heavier) will train you how to put force into the ground and will translate into throwing the ball harder.

Lifting, throwing medicine balls, sprinting, and jumping are all essential parts of a baseball performance program. You want to throw gas?!? Instead of long tossing day after day after day to “build arm strength”, work from the ground up and train what is most important…explosive power. Approximately 70-75% of throwing velocity comes from your lower half. Your legs putting force into the ground and driving you down the mound. That force is then transferred through your core, to you arm, and to the ball. Most young pitchers spend 90% of their time working on the area that contributes less than 25% to velo, their arm. You would get so much more “bang for your buck” if you spend 90% of your time working on the area that contributes 70-75% to velo, your lower half and core. Train smarter and see the results!!