Elite Baseball Performance Program

Winter SESSION 2018/2019

November 19th - February 17th

Only 8 Slots available

Full Body Assessment

Individualized Baseball Specific Training Program

Arm Care

Visual Training Program

Access to Batting Cages


Team Atmosphere

Comprehensive Full Body Movement Assessment

  • The most effective training programs are based on a full body assessment and designed to address your specific needs as an athlete


Individualized Baseball Specific Performance Program

(Led by our Baseball Performance Enhancement Specialist)

  • Individualized performance training program based on the results of their assessment, position, and performance goals

  • 2 small group training sessions per week

  • Access to training facility on non-group training days to complete daily training program (during set operating hours)

  • Most efficient and effective way to train

  • Baseball specific performance programs ensure you are training the right way to take your baseball performance to the next level

  • We know how to train BASEBALL athletes…it’s what we do. Maximize your off-season workouts by training ELITE

Performance Therapy

(Led by our Baseball Health and Performance Specialist)

Each athlete will receive either 6 30 minute hands-on Arm Care sessions or participate in our visual training program depending on their assessment, needs, position, and performance goals.

Arm Care

Soft tissue mobilization/massage

Joint mobilization

Manual stretching

Restorative Strength Training

  • Restore injury inducing, and performance killing imbalances

  • Most shoulder and elbow injuries in baseball athletes are created by slow losses in shoulder mobility and strength throughout a season. Most athletes don’t even realize these changes have occurred

Visual Training Program

  • Take your hitting and fielding to an ELITE level with our cutting edge visual training program

  • Very few people take time to train one of the most important aspects of the game. At it’s core, baseball is about…see ball, hit ball, catch ball. You can train your eyes to track the ball better, just like you train your muscles to be stronger and produce more power

  • Imagine seeing beach balls at the plate all year long instead of peas…how many more hits would you get?!?!

Access to Batting Cages

  • Elite Baseball Performance clients will be given access to the batting cages at no additional cost during non-reserved times (call or text for availability)

  • Preferred pricing will be given to those that choose to reserve specific times


  • The most overlooked and underappreciated piece of athletic performance

  • Proper nutrition allows you to train harder and get stronger, therefore maximizing your potential to perform better


  • Food is fuel. Your body is your vehicle, better fuel equals better performance

Team Atmosphere

  • 4 athletes per training group increases training results

  • Many benefits to small group training

    • Personal attention

    • Team building opportunity

    • Friendly competition

    • Encouragement and motivation from teammates or training partners


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