Elite Baseball Performance Program

Winter SESSION 2017/2018

October - March

Comprehensive Full Body Movement Assessment

  • The most effective training programs are based on a full body assessment and designed to address your specific needs as an athlete

Assess to Progress!!


8 week Individualized Baseball Specific Performance Program

  • Individualized performance training program based on the results of their assessment

  • Large mixed group training has athletes from many different sports all training the same

  • Most efficient and effective way to train

  • Different sports = different demands, Different demands = different training

  • Don’t train like a football athlete...train like a baseball athlete

  • Baseball specific performance programs ensure you are training the right movements to take your baseball performance to the next level.

Hands-On Performance Therapy

  • Restore injury inducing, and performance killing, imbalances

  • Most shoulder and elbow injuries in baseball players are created by slow losses in shoulder mobility throughout a season. Most athletes don’t even realize these changes have occurred

  • 4 30 minute hands-on Performance Therapy sessions from our sports physical therapist.

    • soft tissue mobilization/massage

    • joint mobilization

    • manual stretching

Muscles and joints that move better; feel better and perform better.


  • The most overlooked and underappreciated piece of athletic performance

  • Proper nutrition allows you to train harder and get stronger, therefore maximizing your potential to perform better


  • Each athlete will complete a food log, which  will be reviewed and discussed. Nutritional recommendations will be provided based on food log review and the athlete’s training goals, training intensity, and practice/game intensity

  • Food is fuel. Your body is your vehicle, better fuel equals better performance

Team Atmosphere

  • Maximum of 4 athletes per training group increases training results

  • Many benefits to small group training

    • Personal attention

    • Team building opportunity

    • Friendly competition

    • Encouragement and motivation from teammates or training partners



(for groups of 3+ athletes that join together)


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